Celine Dion - (If There Was) Any Other Way03:58

Celine Dion - (If There Was) Any Other Way

Céline Dion - (If There Was) Any Other Way04:02

Céline Dion - (If There Was) Any Other Way

(If There Was) Any Other Way has two music videos: the first one was released in February 1990 for the Canadian market, and the second on March 6, 1991 for the U.S. The latter was filmed in Los Angeles, California and Vancouver, Canada. The Canadian version features Dion walking around a city and scenes of her and her love interest. The American version has scenes of Dion in an alleyway with two guys dancing and try to get her dance with them, scenes of her singing in a pink room with the large doorways and while sitting on a chair with a spotlight on her. The two videos were included separately on Dion's 1991 home video Unison, depending on the Canadian or U.S. release.

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