2 Unlimited is an Eurodance act fronted by a Dutch duo, rapper Ray Slijngaard and singer Anita Dotha. During five years of enormous worldwide popularity, the act scored 16 chart hits, including "Get Ready for This", "Twilight Zone", "No Limit" and "Tribal Dance". During their career, they have sold more than 18 million records worldwide.

"Get Ready For This" was an instant hit, peaking at no. 2 in the chart and was the twelfth best-selling single of 1991, earning a silver sales certificate. It went on to reach no. 4 in Belgium, no. 10 in the Netherlands and no. 2 in Australia. It also worked its way up to no. 7 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. A follow-up single, "Twilight Zone", followed in January 1992 also reached no. 2 in the UK, selling 234,000 copies. It topped the chart in the duo's homeland and was certified gold, and it was also a hit in the United States where it charted at #49 on the Hot 100. .

"No Limit" was released in January 1993 and the repetitive nature of the song helped it become their most successful single ever, and by far the best remembered by the general public even now. "Tribal Dance" was released as a single shortly before the album No Limits hit stores in May.

In May 1994, the duo's tenth single "The Real Thing" was released and it proved that their fans were still interested as they sent the single to no. 1 in the Netherlands and no. 6 in the UK. Their third album, called Real Things, was instantly certified gold in the UK and 2 Unlimited became the first dance act to achieve two number one albums. Only two continental European acts have had more UK number one albums, Pavarotti and ABBA.

Three years after it was originally released, "Get Ready For This" started getting major radio support and charted at no. 83 on the Hot 100 in October 1994, eventually peaking at number 38. This helped first album Get Ready! make its way to the 500,000 mark, earning it a gold certificate despite never climbing higher than no. 197 on the chart. The track has become a firm favourite at arena-based sporting events and has featured on several Hollywood movie soundtracks such as Space Jam, Flubber and Bring It On.

In October 1995, 2 Unlimited released their first compilation album Hits Unlimited, prompting rumours that they were about to split up. The single "Do What's Good For Me" was another top 20 hit and their 27th appearance on Top Of The Pops. In April 1996, shortly after the release of the single "Jump for Joy", both Slijngaard and Doth announced that 2 Unlimited was over.

As they still owned the rights to the name "2 Unlimited", DeCoster and Wilde recruited two new singers, Romy van Ooijen and Marjon van Iwaarden, in order to capitalise on previous success. "Wanna Get Up" did well in the Netherlands, reaching no. 10 and the single, which was remixed by Sash! for UK release, reached number 38. The album II, was released in April 1998. It was not as successful as previous studio albums, nor were the subsequent singles "Edge Of Heaven" and "Never Surrender". In 1999, both van Ooijen and van Iwaarden left 2 Unlimited.

In 2003, "No Limit 2.3" was released and was promoted by a new duo, Débora Remagen and James Giscombe as a 2 Unlimited "version 3". They still perform, mainly in Eastern Europe, although are not allowed to use their own voices due to copyright issues.

Slijngaard and Doth reunited to perform together for the first time in 13 years at the "I Love The 90s" concert in Hasselt, Belgium. As Ray & Anita, the duo released a new single in 2010 called "In Da Name Of Love".

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