April Wine is a Canadian rock band formed in 1969. The band has released more than twenty albums and forged a live performance reputation that still sees them drawing devoted crowds across Canada and around the world more than forty years after taking their first steps into the hard rock spotlight.

They recorded and released their debut self-titled album April Wine in 1971. The album spawned their first single, "Fast Train". The single's success gave the band's label confidence and work began on a second album, but not before a change in the line-up. Jim Henman left the band in the fall of 1971, and was replaced by Jim Clench.

April Wine recorded their second album, titled On Record. The first single from the album was a cover version of the song "You Could Have Been a Lady", originally by the band Hot Chocolate. The record was a commercial success, hitting number 5 on the Canadian charts, as well as cracking the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States where it stayed for eleven weeks, peaking at #32. Following quick on its heels, April Wine released a second single from On Record, titled "Bad Side of the Moon". 

Their next album, Electric Jewels, contains songs such as "Weeping Widow", "Just Like That" and "Lady Run, Lady Hide" which would stay in April Wine's concert set lists for many years. In support of the new album, the band embarked on the Electric Adventure Tour which featured a massive lighting and pyrotechnic show that dazzled fans from coast to coast.

The band hit hard with their fourth release, Stand Back. Riding on the success of the singles "Tonight Is A Wonderful Time To Fall In Love" and "I Wouldn't Want To Lose Your Love", the album went double platinum in Canada. The song "Oowatanite" became a concert favourite and stands as one of the most popular songs the band has ever recorded. The next release by the band would be titled The Whole World's Goin' Crazy. The album would be the first April Wine release to hit platinum status based on advanced sales orders alone. The album contained the popular title track as well as a successful smash single, the ballad "Like A Lover, Like A Song".

Following the supporting tour for Crazy the band returned to the studio to record their sixth album, Forever for Now. The album would be another platinum seller and contained the band's biggest single to date, "You Won't Dance With Me".

In mid-1977, April Wine was booked to play a charity concert at the famed El Mocambo Club in Toronto, Ontario. Co-headliner on the bill was a band called "The Cockroaches," who turned out to be The Rolling Stones.

The band's seventh album, First Glance, had an immediate impact and the first two singles were both successful on Canadian radio. It was the third single, a raucous rocker called "Roller", that brought the band mass appeal across North America. "Roller" started its momentum in Michigan and soon was a popular hit across the U.S., finding its way into the Billboard Hot 100 where it stayed for eleven weeks. First Glance also found an audience in the U.S., staying on the Billboard album chart for many weeks, making it April Wine's first gold record outside of Canada. The next album was titled Harder ... Faster featured classic tracks like "Say Hello" and "I Like to Rock". Both were popular hits on both sides of the border and Harder ... Faster proved to be yet another multi-platinum release for the band. It would stay on the Billboard top album chart for 40 weeks.

In 1981, The Nature of the Beast was released and featured singles "Just Between You and Me" and "Sign of the Gypsy Queen", the album hit multi-platinum success back home in Canada, and was the first April Wine album to reach platinum status internationally as well.

After an eighteen-month hiatus, the band released their tenth album, titled Power Play. The album contained songs like "Enough is Enough", "If You See Kay" and "Anything You Want, You Got It". The latter would become the band's opening number on the supporting tour, while the "Enough is Enough" video started receiving frequent rotation on MTV. The Power Play tour in 1982 was to be the largest tour in April Wine's history, complete with a huge stage and a lighting show that fans had come to expect from the band.

April Wine's eleventh album, Animal Grace, started out with a quick rise on the charts, but it fell off just as quickly as it entered. The single "This Could be the Right One" also suffered the same fate. In 1984, the band got together for its announced "Farewell Tour". The 1984 tour was successful enough to spawn another live album, One for the Road.

In 1992, April Wine returned to the stage, starting with a sold out concert in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. In 1993, the band released the first "true" April Wine album in a decade, titled Attitude. It was certified gold in Canada soon after its release. Their next albums, Frigate, was released in 1994, and Back to the Mansion, in 2001.

In 2003, they released the live album called Greatest Hits Live 2003, this was followed by a new album, Roughly Speaking, in November 2006.

In 2010, April Wine was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, with Myles Goodwyn and Brian Greenway accepting. April Wine continues to tour across Canada annually, and also plays festivals in Europe and in the United States.

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