Katy Perry - Bon Appétit (Official) ft

Katy Perry - Bon Appétit (Official) ft. Migos

Bon Appétit features Perry being prepared as a meal by several chefs who knead her like dough, boil her in a pot with carrots and chop her blonde hair off. After she is "served" by Chef Roy Choi to guests, she dances on a pole in the table as Migos watches from another table. At the end of the video, Perry is served a pie containing dismembered body parts.


Katy Cooked Alive, Katy Appétit

Music Video

We start at the view of the table with kneeded pie dough on it where the chef writes the song title using a bag pipe with red pie filling in it and then the cherry falls onto the dough above the "i". In a room resembling a fridge where Katy is wrapped in plastic on a bed, the lights activate and the letter lights (that indicate that the music isn't safe for work) wipe from left to right and softly flash. After a second gradually zooming, the door opens with chefs including Choi coming in and taking off the plastic wrapping from her. She then dives onto flour and then the chefs give her a massage and stretch her body parts while using flour. We see her laying on the moving table while the chefs pour and sprinkle food on her body. She eats one carrot slice and then slides into a large boiling pot heating up after the chef increases the heat temperature. Another chef makes sauce and paints them onto her nails. The chefs then modify Katy into a gothic looking person chopping her blonde hair and decorated with food. The chefs then take her to a the VIP club room being served as their meal to the guests including Migos. We cut a number of takes for this part and then Katy stares at the viewer. We zoom up to the guests above the door way to the kitchen which Katy moves the leaf on her legs, the guests except for Migos and the two other people put down the beverage and walk up to her and watch her. It also features a talking clam who is on the ice. When Katy rings the bell, the guests who sit by her get tied by a rope and layback and then she stands up on the table which the pole extends and hangs onto it. While she dances on the pole, they throw cash, the chefs tie the guests up with blind folding, rip their clothes open and throw smoke balls. One guest is then put on a plate with an apple on it's mouth. We cut to the black screen with the title in a different font and while we zoom away from Katy, we see a pie with disassembled body parts on it.


Smoke effects, the lights, and the rays to the kitchen.

Scare Factor

Scare Factor Medium Music Videoto Scare Factor High Music Video, Some scenes are disturbing to some people especially Katy Perry fans and the look of Katy with gothic makeup may get to some. Those who aren't frightened or concerned about Katy being boiled into food, Scare Factor Medium Music Video.



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