Culture Club ware a British rock band who were part of the 1980s New Romantic movement. The original band comprised Boy George, Mikey Craig, Roy Hay and Jon Moss. Their second album, Colour by Numbers, has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide, and they had several international hits with songs such as "Church of the Poison Mind", "Karma Chameleon" and "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me".

In 1981, Boy George occasionally sang with the group Bow Wow Wow under the stage name "Leftenant Lush". However, his popularity in this role caused friction with the group's actual lead singer, Annabella Lwin, and George decided to start his own band.

The band's music combines British new wave and American soul with Jamaican reggae and also other styles such as calypso, salsa or country. From the time of the band's first album release in 1981 to its dissolution in 1986, Culture Club had amassed hits in several countries around the world, including ten Top 40 hits in the US, most of which went Top 10. They went on to have subsequent hits in the UK during a reunion period of 1998–2002, where they scored a No. 4 single and a No. 25 single. In America they are associated with the Second British Invasion of British new wave groups that became popular in the United States due to the cable music channel MTV. They released 5 studio albums, 7 compilation albums, 1 EP and 20 singles released throughout 1980s and 1990s.

In 1986, George was arrested by the British police for possession of cannabis and the band broke up. George pursued a solo career with several European hits and a couple of US Top 40 hits.

The band first tried to reunite in 1989, after many requests from Tony Gordon, the group's former manager and Boy George's current manager at that time. Boy George agreed to try some songs with the band again, resulting in recording sessions that went quite well and producing more than a dozen songs that are still unreleased to this day. Boy George, however, was more excited about his future projects like his record label, More Protein, and his dance-oriented music he was looking to release. The reunion would end up being cancelled.

In 1998, George and Jon put their differences aside and the band actually reunited to do a reunion tour, kicking off with a performance on VH1 Storytellers. A compilation album based around the Storytellers performance was released, and went platinum in UK. Culture Club would became inactive again, largely due to Boy George's successful DJ career.

In 2006, two original members of Culture Club (Craig and Moss), tried to launch a new tour with another lead singer, as George and Roy Hay had declined to tour. In 2011, Boy George announced that there would be a 30th anniversary Culture Club reunion tour and that they would be releasing a new album in 2012.

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