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Funhouse5 200
Artist(s) Pink
Director Dave Meyers
Label Unknown; no label specified
Year released 2009
Theme/Concept Unknown; no theme/concept specified
Video links YouTube
P!nk - Funhouse03:07

P!nk - Funhouse

Funhouse features Pink singing and dancing in a barren lot of what is remaining of a burning house. 'Evil clowns' appear throughout the area as they pick through the rubble, dance and play the instruments as the band. After climbing through a doggie door, she finds No Doubt's Tony Kanal playing the piano. Towards the end, Pink gets on a motorcycle and puts on sunglasses and a leather jacket. In the background, a voice is counting down from 9 and, at one, she rides away on the motorcycle as the house explodes. Pink rides her motorcycle on a road as the song ends.

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