Have a Nice Day

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Artist(s) Bon Jovi
Director Eric Hirshberg
Label Island
Year released 2005
Theme/Concept Cityscape
Video links YouTube
"Have A Nice Day" - Bon Jovi04:07

"Have A Nice Day" - Bon Jovi

Have a Nice Day begins when the band arrives in a GMC Yukon in front of a crowd of the fans. Jon draws a smiley on the album cover of the corresponding album for one of the fans in the crowd. The guy takes a photo of the album cover with his mobile phone and sends it to all his friends. Soon the red face pops everywhere. We see Jon, Richie, Tico and David in New York throughout the video. Later Bon Jovi performs in the Manhattan Ballroom. At the end of the video, they leave in a helicopter and they spot the smiley face in a field.

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