Honeymoon Suite is a Canadian rock band that was originally formed by lead vocalist and guitarist Johnnie Dee, keyboardist Brad Bent, and original drummer Mike Lengyell. Even after exhausting tours to sold out shows, great audience praise of the vocal pairings of Dee and Bent, Lengyell's drumming, and the overall unique originality of the band, they could not sustain any financial stability. This prompted a hiatus and a few member changes. Dee recruited Derry Grehan on lead guitar, Ray Coburn on keyboards, Dave Betts on drums, and Gary Lalonde on bass.

In 1984, they released their self-titled debut album which led to four big hits in Canada: "New Girl Now", "Burning In Love", "Wave Babies", and "Stay in the Light". "New Girl Now" was also Honeymoon Suite's first single to reach the top-50 in the United States.

Their follow up album, The Big Prize, was equally successful in Canada, with four more hits: "Feel It Again", "What Does It Take", "Bad Attitude", and "All Along You Knew". "Feel It Again" reached the Top 40 in the US, while "What Does It Take" reached no. 52, buoyed by its inclusion on the soundtrack for the John Cusack film One Crazy Summer.

In 1986, the band produced the track "Those Were the Days" for the Charlie Sheen film The Wraith. In 1987, the band produced the title track for the Mel Gibson film Lethal Weapon. In 1989, "Bad Attitude" was featured in the series finale of Miami Vice.

In 1988, their third album, Racing After Midnight, which made the top 10 in Canada, but was not as successful in the U.S. Singles included "Love Changes Everything", "Lookin' Out for Number One", and "It's Over Now".

In 1989, the band released their first greatest hits compilation, The Singles, which included the new single "Still Loving You". Coburn rejoined the band in time to embark on "The Singles" tour, which would turn out to be the last tour featuring the band's classic line-up until 2007.

By 1991, Lalonde and Betts left the band, and were replaced by Steve Webster on bass, and Jorn Anderson on drums. The band released Monsters Under The Bed'with the singles like "Say You Don't Know Me" and "The Road" which did well in Canada but failed to make a dent in the US. The band continued to tour in the '90s, although many line-up changes continued to occur, with only Dee and Grehan remaining as the continuing members.

In 2002, they released their first new studio album in 11 years, Lemon Tongue. The album was released under an independent label, and leaned towards a more artistic and adventurous direction than their previous rock releases. In 2006, the band released another greatest hits collection entitled Feel It Again: An Anthology, a 2-CD set featuring most of the band's singles, selected album tracks, and rare and unreleased material.

In June 2007, the band officially announced the return of a reunited classic line-up of Johnnie Dee, Derry Grehan, Ray Coburn, Gary Lalonde, and Dave Betts. The band toured extensively throughout Canada in 2007 and 2008 and then entered the studio to record a new album. The new album was released in Canada in late 2008. In 2009, the band toured Canada and select Northeastern United States cities.

Music Videos

  • Burning in Love
  • Cold Look
  • Feel It Again
  • It's Over Now
  • Lethal Weapon
  • Lookin' Out for Number One
  • Love Changes Everything

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