ZZ Top - Legs05:05

ZZ Top - Legs

Legs features a salesgirl who enters a burger joint and suffers harassment by everyone there but a handsome and friendly young cook who is bullied by his co-workers as well. She leaves her glasses behind and the cook runs after her to the shoe store where she works. The cook tries to return the glasses, but her boss and the salesman heave the cook out of the store. The Eliminator pulls up, and the Eliminator girls enter the store. They put the girl's abusers in their place and present the salesgirl to the ZZ Top band members who give the keys to the Eliminator.

The salesgirl is whisked away for a complete makeover and when she reutrns to the burger joint, and she gets her man as the Eliminator girls keep the more aggressive men at bay. The happy pair leaves the restaurant hand in hand and rides away in a dune buggy. The Eliminator girls invite some of the friendly male customers to join them and the Eliminator drives away as the ZZ Top band members appear one last time to wave at the camera.

The video won the 1984 MTV Video Music Award for Best Group Video. The video received nominations for Best Editing in the first MTV Video Music Awards, in the Billboard Music Video Awards, and in the American Music Video Awards that year. It was parodied in "Weird Al" Yankovic's "UHF" and The Coneheads' "Conehead Love" videos.

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