Los del Rio, also known as "The Del Rios," was a Spanish Latin dance duo who formed in 1992 and broke up in mid-2007. They were best known by their smash-hit and hot dance single "Macarena", originally released in early 1994.

The song peaked at the Hot Dance Singles and Billboard 200 by mid-1994 and became a big hit in US and Mexico. The group decided to make a few remixes and other styles of the song. They became more famous when they released the single "Tengo, Tengo" released on February 18, 1996. It was featured on the album Fiesta Macarena released in 1996.

The group released six albums which are A Mi Me Gusta, Macarena Non Stop, Fiesta Macarena, Colores, Rio y Guestano and Alegria y Cosabuena. About 5/6 of the albums featured the Macarena song and different styles and remixes.

Music Videos

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