One Ton is a Canadian Europop band which features singer Zita Laverdiere, producer, programmer and multi-instrumentalist Juan Cristobal Tapia de Veer and guitarist/lyricist Byron Mikaloff. Originally, the band had an MC, a DJ, and break-dancers. Their first and only album, "Abnormal Pleasures", has different musical styles: cabaret, disco, jazz, reggae, blues, Latin, mariachi, Middle Eastern, rap, scratches, and funk. "Abnormal Pleasures" reinvents just two songs from their indie album: "Supersexworld" and "Tongue Stuck On The Sun". The former is the first single. The video, directed by Bernard Nadeau (Projet Orange, Ricky J), is part Moulin Rouge, part pride party, part masquerade, part circus freak show.

Music Videos

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