Madonna's Version

"Papa Don't Preach" - Madonna05:06

"Papa Don't Preach" - Madonna

Papa Don't Preach features Madonna as a teenage girl who admits to her father (played by Danny Aiello) that not only is she pregnant, but she plans to keep and raise the child. The video and the song was criticized by parents, conservative religious groups, and women's organizations because it seemed to glorify teenage pregnancy. Madonna has always flatly denied these criticisms, stating that the song aims to illustrate the real-life experience of young girls who fall in love. Actress Debi Mazar plays one of Madonna's friends in the video, and actor Alex McArthur plays the role of her boyfriend.

Kelly Osbourne's Version

"Papa Don't Preach" - Kelly Osbourne03:18

"Papa Don't Preach" - Kelly Osbourne

Papa Don't Preach features Kelly Osbourne at a store looking for clothes and then singing the song on a soundstage.

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