Pat Benatar is an American pop/rock singer and four-time Grammy winner. She had considerable commercial success particularly in the United States. During the 1980s, Benatar had two RIAA-certified Multi-Platinum albums, five RIAA-certified Platinum albums, three RIAA-certified Gold albums and 19 Top 40 singles, including "Love Is a Battlefield", "Hit Me with Your Best Shot", and "We Belong". Benatar was one of the most heavily played artists in the early days of MTV.

Benatar recorded her first album, In the Heat of the Night, in 1979. "I Need a Lover" was the first single to be released on August 27, 1979. However, both it and the next single, "If You Think You Know How to Love Me", were unsuccessful. Benatar's third single "Heartbreaker" was released in early December 1979 and became an immediate hit, climbing to #23 in the US. A fourth single "We Live for Love," which was written by her future husband Neil Giraldo, was released in February 1980, and reached US #27. In the Heat of the Night reached #12 in the US.

In August 1980, Benatar released her LP, Crimes of Passion, featuring her signature song "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" along with the controversial song "Hell is for Children", which was inspired by reading a series of articles in the New York Times about child abuse in America. "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" was her first single to break the US Top 10 and eventually sold more than one million copies in the United States alone. The album peaked for five consecutive weeks at US #2 in January 1981 and eventually sold over five million copies, and a month later, Benatar won her first Grammy Award for "Best Female Rock Vocal Performance" of 1980. Other singles released from Crimes of Passion were "Treat Me Right" and the Rascals' cover, "You Better Run", which gained some later fame when it was the second music video ever played on MTV, after the Buggles' "Video Killed the Radio Star".

In July 1981, she released her third LP, Precious Time. A month later the album hit #1 on the Billboard US Top 200 LP chart. It was also her first to chart in the UK, reaching #30. The album's lead single, "Fire and Ice", was another big hit and would win Benatar her second Grammy Award, this time for "Best Female Rock Vocal Performance" of 1981 and her third consecutive RIAA certified platinum album. "Promises in the Dark" (US #38) was also released. In August 1981, Benatar's video for "You Better Run" was the second video aired by MTV.

A hit single, "Shadows of the Night", heralded a new LP, Get Nervous, released in late 1982. The album was her fourth consecutive RIAA platinum certification, and the single would garner Benatar yet another Grammy, again for "Best Female Rock Vocal Performance" of 1982. The follow-up singles, "Little Too Late" and "Looking for a Stranger", were also successful. The WWII-themed music video for "Shadows of the Night" featured then-unknown actors Judge Reinhold and Bill Paxton as an American fighter copilot and a German radio operator, respectively.

By 1983, Benatar had established a reputation for singing about "tough" subject matters, best exemplified by one of the biggest hits of her career, "Love Is a Battlefield", released in December 1983. By then, her sound had mellowed from hard rock to more atmospheric pop and the story-based video clip for "Love Is a Battlefield" was aimed squarely at MTV, even featuring Benatar in a Michael Jackson-inspired group dance number. This new pop/rock direction was a huge commercial success, with the million- selling Gold single peaking at #5 in the United States, and #1 in Australia for seven consecutive weeks. The song gained interest in the UK where it peaked at #49. The song would also net Benatar her fourth consecutive Grammy Award for "Best Female Rock Vocal Performance" of 1983.

In October 1984, the single "We Belong" became another Top 5 smash in the US, and reached #7 in Australia. It was also Benatar's first ever UK top 40 hit, where it peaked at #22. In November, Benatar released her sixth album, Tropico. A second single release, "Ooh Ooh Song," reached US #36. Despite not quite making the US Top 10, it immediately earned her a sixth consecutive RIAA platinum-certified album. Seven the Hard Way Benatar would hit the US Top 10 with the #10 single "Invincible" in 1985. The album peaked at #26, earning an RIAA Gold certification.

In July 1988, Benatar released her eighth album, Wide Awake in Dreamland. A single lifted from the album, "All Fired Up" reached #19 in both the US and the UK. Other singles released from the LP are "Don't Walk Away", "Let's Stay Together", and "One Love". The album also earned an RIAA gold certification.

True Love was released in late April 1991, and featured the blues band Roomful of Blues, backing up Pat Benatar, Neil Giraldo and Myron Grombacher. The album sold over 339,000 copies without significant radio airplay and limited exposure on VH-1. The album reached #40 in the UK and #37 in the US. Gravity's Rainbow was released in 1993 a with very little promotion from Chrysalis, Gravity's Rainbow failed to have the same commercial success as Benatar's previous works. Innamorata Innamoratawas released in 1997 and a single video was produced for "Strawberry Wine (Life is Sweet)".

Benatar has released only one album of new material since 1997's Innamorata, which is 2003's Go. The album included the 9/11 charity single, "Christmas in America" as a bonus track. A compilation video was produced for the single "Have It All", but was never released; the only video from this album is for the bonus track.

"Best Shots" was first released in the UK in 1987 and in the US in November 1989 and was the only official greatest hits compilation until 1994 when All Fired Up: The Very Best of Pat Benatar was released. The box set Synchronistic Wanderings was released in 1999. "Classic Masters" was released in October 2002, and Pat Benatar Greatest Hits was released in June 2005. The most recent collection, Ultimate Collection was released in June 2008 under the Capitol Records label with forty 24 bit-digitally remastered tracks.

In 2009, Benatar teamed up with Blondie for the "Call Me Invincible" tour, which also features The Donnas. Benatar undertook a tour with REO Speedwagon during the summer of 2010, which included her original drummer, Myron Grombacher. Subsequently, in October 2010, she toured Australia and played various dates with the 1980s girl pop group, The Bangles.

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