Platinum Blonde was a Canadian New Wave band from 1980s which originally consisted of Mark Holmes on vocals and bass, Sergio Galli on guitar and Chris Steffler on drums. Scottish musician Kenny MacLean later joined the group as the bassist. The name of the band was inspired by the 1931 Jean Harlow movie Platinum Blonde. They were known also for their stylish glam rock-like appearance.

Platinum Blonde originated as a tribute band performing the music of The Police in Canada's university and club circuit. In 1983, they released a self-titled six-song EP, which made it to #39 on the Canadian album charts. It was quickly expanded into a full length album titled Standing in the Dark, which featured identical artwork to the EP.

The band's popularity on the airwaves in Canada was thanks to the album, featuring four hits including two Juno Award nominations: "Standing in the Dark" and "It Doesn't Really Matter". Their music videos were placed into high rotation on the newly created MuchMusic, Canada's national music video network. Within months some were calling Platinum Blonde the top band of the decade because of their glamorous image and cutting-edge, futuristic New Wave videos.

In 1985, the band released a second album called Alien Shores, featuring the addition of a fourth member, Kenny MacLean. Hits from the second album included "Situation Critical", "Crying Over You", "Somebody Somewhere", and "Hungry Eyes". In 1988, the band's next album, Contact, was a hit in Canada, going double platinum. The title track "Contact" charted well, but the album was a commercial disappointment. Platinum Blonde changed their name to The Blondes and recorded one further album to minimal attention before disbanding.

Bassist Kenny MacLean was found dead on November 24, 2008 in his recording studio on Yonge Street in Toronto. He had just released his third solo CD entitled Completely and passed away of heart failure. In 2010, Platinum Blonde played their first reunion show at The Mod Club Theatre in Toronto, Ontario. The original line up of Mark Holmes, Sergio Galli & Chris Steffler were inducted into the Radio and Television Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame. Platinum Blonde will be touring across Canada in 2012 to promote their new album.

Music Videos

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