Spoons are a Canadian new wave band who recorded several Canadian chart hits between 1982 and 1989, and won Group of the Year at the U-Know awards. Their most popular songs include "Romantic Traffic", "Nova Heart", "Old Emotions" and "Tell No Lies". The band initially consisted of Gordon Deppe, Sandy Horne, Brett Wickens and Peter Shepherd. Deppe, Horne and Wickens the only constant members of the band.

The band's first album, Stick Figure Neighbourhood, was released in 1981, and is notable for being one of the earliest New Wave albums. The following year, Spoons released their breakthrough album Arias & Symphonies. This album spawned three Top 40 hits in Canada: "Nova Heart", "Arias & Symphonies", and "Smiling in Winter". All were dance-oriented New Wave hits. Around this time, Spoons' higher profile allowed them to become the opening act for bands such as Culture Club, Simple Minds, and The Police.

Their 1983 album, Talkback, included the hit "Old Emotions". Following that, the band expanded their sound by releasing a two-sided hit in 1984 with "Tell No Lies" and "Romantic Traffic". The upbeat "Tell No Lies" featured a more mainstream pop sound than was customary for Spoons, while "Romantic Traffic" was a downtempo song with adult contemporary leanings that would become the group's most enduring hit. Both "Tell No Lies" and "Romantic Traffic" later found their way onto the soundtrack for the film Listen to the City, in which Horne was featured in a supporting role.

In 1985 both Preuss and Ross left Spoons, and were replaced by Scott MacDonald and Steve Kendry, respectively. The band's 1986 single "Bridges Over Borders" marked a departure from their characteristic sound and showcased a harder rock orientation. The new Spoons line-up released the album Bridges Over Borders, but it did not chart in the Canadian Top 100, nor did any of the three singles pulled from the LP. The follow-up LP Vertigo Tango was a partial return to the band's New Wave roots. The album featured the band's final hit single, "Waterline", a languid, introspective ballad.

Spoons took a break from recording in the 1990s to allow time to focus on family, but Deppe and Horne, along with various other players, reunited for several Spoons reunion gigs in the 1990s and into the next decade. In 2007, Spoons released Unexpected Guest at a Cancelled Party, a collection of previously unreleased material recorded between 1982 and 1985.

In 2010–11, a Spoons lineup of Deppe & Horne, began recording their sixth studio album, "Static in Transmission". The first single released from these sessions was "imperfekt" with "Breaking In".

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