The Thunder Rolls - Garth Brooks04:31

The Thunder Rolls - Garth Brooks

The Thunder Rolls was banned from Country Music Television and The Nashville Network for its portrayal of domestic violence. The video takes place at a No Vacancy Motel, and begins with a businessman (played by Garth Brooks) talking to a woman, he puts his glasses on, and struggles to grab a suitcase, and he walks out of the house. Meanwhile, Garth and his band performing in the rain outside of their house, and a businessman (played by Garth Brooks) was driving in his car, and shows two women holding telephones to call the cops, a woman throws the telephone, and the pictures onto the floor. The businessman (played by Garth Brooks) returns home, where a woman screams while fighting a businessman (played by Garth Brooks). The woman grabs a gun and kills the businessman, as a tree crashes the window, and shows a woman lighting candles. The cops arrive at the No Vacancy Motel, and Garth took off his businessman wig. The video won Music Video of the Year at the 1991 CMA Awards.

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