Toronto was a Canadian rock band from 1970s and 80s who have been compared to Heart and Pat Benatar. The band formed when singer Annie "Holly" Woods met guitarist Brian Allen. The band's original line-up consisted of guitarist/backing vocalist Sharon Alton, keyboardist Scott Kreyer, bassist Nick Costello, and drummer Jimmy Fox.

Their first album, Lookin' for Trouble, was released in 1980, and lead single "Even The Score" was a minor hit, just missing the Canadian Top 40. A year later, Head On, was released which Costello and Fox left the band to be replaced by Gary LaLonde (later of Honeymoon Suite) and Barry Connors (later of Coney Hatch).

In 1982, the sextet recorded Get It on Credit, with lead single "Your Daddy Don't Know", their best known hit, reaching top 5 in Canada, and hitting #77 in the US. Lalonde was then replaced by Mike Gingrich for 1983's Girls' Night Out which was followed by their Greatest Hits album in 1984.

Founding members Allen and Alton left along with Connors and they were replaced by Marty Walsh, Daryl Alvara and Paul Hanna, and the band rechristened themselves Holly Woods and Toronto. In 1985, the re-vamped sextet released their final album, Assault and Flattery. It featured the single "New Romance", written by Holly Knight and Anton Fig. The band was literally forced into breaking up when Solid Gold Records filed for bankruptcy protection.

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