English Version

Jennifer Lopez - Waiting For Tonight04:10

Jennifer Lopez - Waiting For Tonight

Jennifer Lopez - Waiting For Tonight (Remix)04:52

Jennifer Lopez - Waiting For Tonight (Remix)

Waiting for Tonight centers around a millennium party for the year 2000 in a jungle setting and humorously portrayed the Y2K bug worries when the tropical skyline blackouts during the millennium party, but immediately lights back up seconds later.

There are three versions of this music video, one contains Spanish lyrics to the song and another is a remix. The video won the MTV Video Music Award for Best Dance Video and was also nominated for Best Choreography.

Spanish Version

Jennifer Lopez - Una Noche Más04:20

Jennifer Lopez - Una Noche Más

Una Noche Más features clips from the original and remix versions of Waiting for Tonight with Lopez singing the Spanish lyrics.

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