Tony Bennett's Version

Tony Bennett – White Christmas04:07

Tony Bennett – White Christmas

Tony Bennett's White Christmas features him performing the song at a club.

Jingle Cats' Version

White Christmas - The Jingle Cats02:28

White Christmas - The Jingle Cats

Jingle Cats' White Christmas features cats meowing and dogs barking, to the tune of the song, in front of a green screen.

Michael Bolton's Version

Michael Bolton - White Christmas02:55

Michael Bolton - White Christmas

White Christmas features Bolton singing the song in front of an audience.

Martina McBride's Version

Martina McBride - White Christmas03:43

Martina McBride - White Christmas

White Christmas features McBride performing the song with an orchestra.

Billy Idol's Version

Billy Idol - White Christmas (Official Video)02:29

Billy Idol - White Christmas (Official Video)

White Christmas

Connie Talbot's Version

Connie Talbot - White Christmas (HQ)03:26

Connie Talbot - White Christmas (HQ)

White Christmas features Talbot singing the song in front of a Christmas tree.

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